KemperSports Leads Environmental Charge with Green to a Tee Program

Holly Hills Country Club, Ijamsville, Maryland

Since its inception 40 years ago, KemperSports has been a leader in the golf community in environmental stewardship by following and crafting environmentally friendly principles for  its properties.

To further its environmental efforts, KemperSports has implemented a proprietary program called Green to a Tee. This program focuses on KemperSports’ commitment to managing and operating each of its golf facilities in a way that is eco-friendly.

KemperSports achieves its environmental goals by being meticulous with its golf course maintenance practices, habitat management, water conservation, energy use, and recycling. This helps all KemperSports staff have the tools they need to operate their golf courses in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

The Green to a Tee program is an environmental certification program created to make sure that all KemperSports properties are abiding by the best eco-friendly practices. The program was developed by former KemperSports EVP Jim Seeley, who designed Green to a Tee to focus on Environmental Programs for the Golf Course; Reduced Energy Consumption; Recycling; Limited Water Usage; Biodiversity; and Staff Education.  Mr. Seeley currently serves as the Executive Director of the Wild Rivers Coast Alliance, a philanthropic organization associated with the Bandon Dunes Golf Resort that receives funding from the net proceeds from Bandon Preserve, a 13-hole par-3 golf course at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort.

Green to a Tee has four levels of achievement, which each require facilities to meet certain standards on environmental commitment. The highest of these levels, level four,  of Green to a Tee certification expands upon the first three levels by insisting that properties complete an Investment-Grade Energy Audit with subsequent capital plans to implement findings. This level also requires facilities to practice the highest USGBC and LEED standards, embrace wind and/or solar power, have a self-contained wash and rinse pad to prevent wash water from entering the watershed, and install sensors in storerooms and restrooms.

The Green to a Tee program’s impact even extends outside of KemperSports golf facilities. On top of implementing sound environmental practices into daily golf course maintenance and usage, KemperSports’ Green to a Tee program is also designed to give all KemperSports staffers the knowledge and tools they need to Go Green in their daily lives at home. To help KemperSports staffers build their environmental awareness, Green to a Tee offers a variety of library resources and relevant environmental articles through the KemperSports Center of Excellence.

KemperSports is a strong advocate for supporting environmental consciousness and makes sure its properties reflect that stance. KemperSports golf courses lead the industry in eco-friendly practices thanks to the Green to a Tee program.

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